Ahoy, mate, and welcome aboard the SS Stylinson, the ship of dreams. This is a happy, gay place, free of heterosexuality. Unfortunately, Captain Horan is on an extended lunch break and First Mate Tomlinson is off fraternizing with the Dread Pirate Styles, so all inquiries will have to be left in the ask box. We hope you enjoy your stay.

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Most of my fics are rated NC-17/Mature. Please observe the ratings and proceed with caution.



A Curious Conundrum of the Heart (NC-17)

“I know what you look like when you come” should not have been the first thing that came to Harry’s mind when he met Louis. In which Harry’s first year of university is filled with careless flirts, first times, broken beakers, voyeuristic tendencies and above all, a curious conundrum of the heart. A university AU. COMPLETE

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Harpunzel: a fairy tale AU (NC-17, 18.5k words)

In most fairy tales, princes and stable boys don’t usually have much to do with each other, and in the kingdom of Alluria, that was no exception. Once upon a time, however, a particular prince and a certain stable boy did meet, and here is their story. COMPLETE.

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hold you up and drive you all night (NC-17, 7k)

Harry wants Louis to beg for it.

Sequel to untitled thigh-fucking smut

two and two make five (NC-17, 8k words)

“You know what I’ve never done?” Louis wonders. “Had birthday sex.” Louis-centric OT5 smut written for his 21st birthday

drabble smut (NC-17, 1.5k words)

bottom!Louis, witten for Amanda

The Right Person for the Job (NC-17, 4.2k words)

Harry is Louis’s personal assistant.

untitled thigh-fucking and size!kink smut (NC-17, 3.5k words)

Louis didn’t know he had a “type” before – but now he does. Apparently his type is Harry Styles. In which Harry is a ridiculous person, and creative uses are found for Louis’s thighs.


The Money Shot (NC-17, 1.5k words)

Harry and Louis make a sex tape

Catharsis (NC-17, 1.7k words)

After a long day at V Fest, Louis returns to his and Harry’s shared tent to seek solace.

Double the Fun (NC-17, 2k words)

The Styles twins play out Louis’ favorite fantasy. Inspired by RockitRocket’s smutlicious fanart here (NSFW)

Warnings: twincest, threesome, double penetration

Baby, home is where you are (PG, 2.5k words)

There is a new addition to the Styles/Tomlinson household. Louis not amused.

One More Time (NC-17, 1k words)

In which Harry is insatiable. Inspired by this wonderfully cute fanart.

In which Harry discovers the joys of having things up his ass (NC-17, 1.6k words)

The title is self-explanatory

(we can burn) brighter than the sun (NC-17, 5.8k words)

What happens in Shanghai, stays in Shanghai. Or, what time Harry and Louis decide to party it up in a gay club and encounter much more than they bargained for.

Warning: recreational drug use, slight dubcon

can’t keep my hands off you (NC-17, 1.9k words)

Louis has trouble keeping his hands to himself during an interview. Harry is not as scandalized as he should be. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.