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so Louis always wears his shirts buttoned up to his adam’s apple

maybe that’s his signature “look” or something idk

but …

I definitely prefer this

over this

I mean is it too much to ask for you to show some collarbones

because honestly I just want to the lick the stripe of skin along your clavicle

ok fine so you’re all cute and shit 

and i can almost forgive you because suspenders are your trademark

but for the love of god I want some neck/collarbone action

because did I mention that little dip under your adam’s apple does funny things to my tummy

and honestly that’s the wrong attire for a pool party

so take a lesson from your boyfriend and learn to reveal some tasteful skin

I mean how can you cover that up

is it because of the lovebites ‘cos aint no button-up gonna cover those puppies

can I take the chance to also talk about your neck

because hell yeah it’s relevant

because once i’ve seen this

this will never satisfy me

i don’t even care if you look like a girl

I just want to do this when I see you in your prim and proper shirts

honey i know you’re trying to go for the innocent, wholesome, boy-band look

but we all know can do this like a pro so stop pretending

and take your shirt off

this message has been approved by harry styles