Ahoy, mate, and welcome aboard the SS Stylinson, the ship of dreams. This is a happy, gay place, free of heterosexuality. Unfortunately, Captain Horan is on an extended lunch break and First Mate Tomlinson is off fraternizing with the Dread Pirate Styles, so all inquiries will have to be left in the ask box. We hope you enjoy your stay.
body parts that I’m usually not attracted to but on Louis Tomlinson = sex

i.e. Louis’s body is a wonderland

let’s start off from the top:

  • widow’s peak
idk what it is about widow’s peaks, but it just adds to his sex appeal.
  • fringe
he looks so young and cute and peter pan when he has his hair down it kills me
  • eyebrows
those eyebrows say so much …
  • crinkly eyes
they make his smile/laugh the most beautiful thing in the world
  • nose
he’d make a great nose model (also bonus glasses)
  • cheekbones
Louis has perfect bone structure and nothing you say can change my mind
  • facial hair
unf. I bet Harry has red raches on the inside of his thighs from louis rubbing his chin against them.
  • neck
Given the lovebite, Harry shares my love for Louis’s neck
  • collarbone
they’re so lickable he should wear low collars all the time
  • chest hair
I didn’t used to think that chest hair was hot. I was a fool.
  • wrist/hand
His hands look strong, good for gripping, and stroking, among other things
  • hip/pelvis/tummy
need I say more. I’m still not over this btw. fucking tease.
  • lower back
the entire geography of his back/bum region is ridiculous
  • thighs
jesus fuck nrrg they’re so solid and muscular and can you sense my rapid degeneration into incoherence.
  • ankles
why am I turned on by rolled-up trousers and bare ankles this is not the Victorian Era help
  • bare feet

the wet dream of foot fetishists everywhere. featuring bonus Larry.